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Tool Box
We use these tools for your computer.

Free AVAST antivirus.

AdwCleaner Download from Xplode - PLEASE DONATE $for their excellent tool

Free CCleaner one-click computer cleaner.

Free Malwarebytes the best anti-malware program. Download from Malwarebytes

Microsoft Fix it Center Online  - Find Automated Solutions


30 Day Trial Version Norton Internet Security

30 Day Trial Version Kaspersky Internet Security

If you need a tool to remove rouge antivirus malware on your computer, click on the link below that matches your system.

Removal tool "RKill" for Windows OS rogue Security programs and Fake AV's
Be sure to click on the blue icon that says Download Now

Use RKill to halt the rogue AV processes and then run Antimalwarebytes Anti-Malware tool.

Download the automated rouge Mac anti-malware security removal tool below.

Removal tool for Mac Security

Mac Security and MacGuard  are fake/rogue anti-spyware programs that are made for the Mac OS

More information on removing spyware at BLEEPINGCOMPUTER

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